Stover Golf Club welcomes applications for membership from golfers of all abilities.  Individuals new to golf are invited to meet and discuss their requirements with our club professional.  All membership types can be based on a rolling membership of 12 months from the date of joining or by a pro-rata method to suit you the individual. We have active men's, seniors', ladies' and junior sections that give members the opportunity to play in club competitions throughout the year, including monthly medals and stablefords, team events and mixed competitions.

Membership CategoriesSubscriptionEGDGU/DCLGAInsurance
Full* - 7 days a week access to the course and voting rights£814£8.25£10.00 £2.50
5 Day - Weekdays only but not bank holidays £704£8.25£10.00 £2.50
2nd Club - Available to full members of UK clubs£488already paid at home club, confirmation required
Flexible - Pay a smaller subscription & then each time you play£330£8.25£10.00£2.50
9 Hole - Choose from either 9 holes every day£559£8.25£10.00£2.50
5 & 10 Year - Discounted rates subject to availabilityOn application

Country - Must be over 50 miles from SGC and a member of another club£405already paid at home club, confirmation required
Overseas - Residence must be outside UK and for at least 50% of the year£559£8.25£10.00£2.50
Intermediate - 19-24 years£298£8.25£10.00£2.50
Intermediate - 25-29 years£515£8.25£10.00£2.50
Junior - 5 to 11 years£0£8.25

Junior - 12 to 13 years£30£8.25

Junior 14 to 15 years£40£8.25£10.00£2.50
Junior 16 to 18 years£56.50£8.25£10.00£2.50