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Officers and Elected Committee Members - 2015


Alan Bunn (President)
Colin Greenwell (Chairman)
Peter Bellamy (Captain)
Megan Sewell (Ladies Captain)
Peter Stanley (Treasurer)
Andy Carpenter (Immediate Past Captain)
Andy Moore (Vice Captain)

Elected Members

Graham Green (Chairman Green)
Olga Lidbury (Chairman Comps)
Andy Carpenter (Chairman Social)
John Mitchell
Barry Ravenscroft
Harvie Taylor

Mark Young

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STRI Advisory Report on the Course, August 2014.

Course continues its improvement


 At the beginning of September, the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI), in the shape of Steve Gingell, made its annual advisory visit to the club. We have now received Steve’s report, which continues to applaud the progress being made and offers advice about what we should do over the next twelve months to maintain the improvement.

The report contains much technical detail about the firmness, moisture levels, smoothness, trueness and speed of the greens together with analyses of soil content, including the important levels of organic matter (thatch) found in them. It also discusses other aspects of the course, not simply the greens. This detailed report can be viewed through the Secretary’s office.

However, extracts from Steve’s Executive Summary, which relates to the greens, are more appropriate here and are reproduced below.

 STRI Executive Summary,2014.

 It is very pleasing to see that the greens at the golf club continue to improve with key observations through the winter months of them being firmer despite the wettest winter on recent records. The condition of the sward has also improved giving better performance over a longer period of time.

  • The organic matter levels continue to gradually fall with the higher levels of aeration and top dressing that have been occurring recently. Whilst we are still some way off the ideal level the progress is particularly pleasing.
  • The purchase of a moisture meter will allow significantly better control of irrigation and water management particularly in the spring months and this undoubtedly will help to speed up organic matter removal and make the greens former and hence faster.
  • The key recommendations are to continue with as much aeration as possible whilst not over-disturbing the surfaces and hence upsetting the the playing performances. It is appreciated that whilst the greens retain the level of wetness they will tend to be dominated by meadow grasses and therefore overseeding at this stage may not be as effective as some time in the future when the surfaces are drier.
  • The height of cut is generally acceptable and not too extreme and giving reasonable levels of green speed. Sometime in the future it is recommended that the Club considers a turf iron so that the surfaces can be maintained in a smoother and hence faster condition without stressing the grasses as significantly.

 Steve also noted the coppicing that has been occurring around the course, which will allow a greater diversity of species and provides more light and airflow to the greens surfaces, particularly the 13th. This will help the green to become drier and healthier. This process is recommended to continue around the course…..

 We have all been impressed this year with the improvement in the general presentation of the playing area, the quality of the greens and the much greater ability of the course to recover quickly from adverse weather, particularly heavy rainfall. Visitors have been equally complimentary. We need to maintain this improvement and the acquisition of a turf iron (which many other clubs now use with great success) is one major ambition, now that the STRI think the greens are advanced enough to benefit from this technology.

 Graham Green

Chairman of Greens Committee.



News from The Chairman

Tee Booking System - The Committee is acutely aware that the long standing practice at Stover Golf Club of being able to turn up at will to play outside of pre booked Competitions, Club Matches etc. is much valued and wish to continue this facility as far as is possible, whilst bearing in mind the need to encourage more paying visitors, who would wish to have the ....more..

Member Benefits:

As a member of Stover Golf Club you are not only be able to take advantage of the normal benefits of unlimited golf and your discounted members card, but you also have access to some of the best golf courses in the UK and Ireland who are all fellow members of the James Braid Association.  A full list of member benefits can be found at: click here.

The committee continue to seek viable benefits for all members and ask that if any member wishes to make comment or suggestion regarding such benefits that they contact either a member of the committee or the club secretary/manager.  

James Braid Associaton.  

Details of the Clubs where our members can play James Braid courses at reduced rates can be found by clicking on the photograph of the man himself.

Reciprocal Arrangements.

As well as the member benefits offered through the James Braid Association, members at Stover have a reciprocal agreement with;  Bridport and West Dorset, Churston, Launceston, Perranporth and Tehidy Golf Clubs. The arrangement is a £50 payment for a single Tee Time irrespective of the number of players (ie: 4 players £12.50 each, 2 player £25 each).  Bridport and West Dorset offer a £12.50 green fee however out of courtesy we would ask that preferably a 4ball but a minimum 2ball is organised.  Please make bookings through the respective pro shop.  Enjoy these member benefits – more are planned*

Other Member Benefits

Discounted Gymnasium Memberships, Reductions at the local Ski Centre, Restaurants, Van Hire, 'MOT Labour' and 'Car Repair Labour' can be found cy clicking on 'Member Benefits'.

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STRI and Greens.

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